Microsoft Office SharePoint Easy User Manager

This app allows you to manage your SharePoint User/Group easily from within a single web form. OOTB SharePoint interface requires many clicking and redirecting in order for you do your task.
With this apps, you can easily access to not all but most of the important functions for you to manage your users.


  • Search for a particular users and be able to perform task to add/remove from within the selected group.
  • Check Membership – Allow you to quick glance all the SharePoint groups that a site user has been added
  • Quick Access to user profile page
  • Bulk Add users into SharePoint group.
  • Bulk Delete users from SharePoint group
  • Move/Clone multiple users from one SharePoint group to another SharePoint group
  • Search for a group via group name and,
  • See all the members in the SharePoint Group.
  • Download all Group and Members report in CSV format. NEW
  • Create SharePoint Group. New

Farm Solution – Easy.UserManager.wsp

How to Install:

  1. Open SharePoint Management Shell
  2. Run Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath Path To The WSP
  3. Run Install-SPSolution Easy.UserManager.wsp -GACDeployment
  4. Go to any Site and activate Web Feature Easy.UserManager Feature in Site Collection Feature

How to Update (if you have previously installed older version):

  1. Open SharePoint Management Shell
  2. Run Update-Solution -Identity Easy.UserManager.wsp -LiteralPath Path To The WSP -GACDeployment

How to access
In Site Action menu, you shall see Easy – User Manager shortcut. Click on this shortcut and it will bring you to the default page of Easy User Manager.

Alternatively, you can always access to the feature via http://<your sharepoint site>/_layouts/15/Easy.UserManager/home.aspx.

App for SharePoint Online –

How to install:
For some reason, SharePoint App Store does not allow apps permission with Full Control and in order to really make admin’s life easier, this apps requires this permission to perform user managing task.

The only way to install the app is through App Catalog. If you have not have one App Catalog in your SharePoint Online Farm. See article

Once you have your App Catalog setup, go to the App Catalog site

  1. Upload the to your App for SharePoint. Subsequently edit the uploaded app properties (optional)
  2. Go to any site that you want to use this app. Go to Site Content and Add App
  3. From the left menu, click “From your Organization” under Your Apps section
  4. Look for Easy User Manager, click it and Trust it.
  5. You should see the app being provisioned in your site. Once it is done, click on it and start using it

I hope the app can help you cut down some SharePoint administrative works 🙂

Managing Users

How to Add Member.png

Managing Groups

Group View.png


Report View.png



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