Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 how to increase email attachment size over 32Mb

From time to time outlook client throws an exception while tracking email with attachments that attachment is too large. This is strange error due to fact that eg. email has two attachments (10Mb each) and CRM setting section is set to 32768 or 30720 (this two different values is another error).

Below I describe steps which provides overwriting build-in limitations – my goal is to set 64MB
First of all – this is unsupported method, any changes can be overwritten during RollupUpdate instalation.

    1. IIS setting modifications
      Open ISS manager -> Select CRM site -> open Request Filtering settings -> edit Feature Settings -> set Maximum allowed content length to 67108864FilteringRequestIISFilteringRequestIIS_FeatureSettings
    2. web.config modifications
      Edit configuration file from location C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb -> search for first occurence maxRequestLength and set it’s value to 65536
    3. SQL modifications

      USE MyOrganization_MSCRM
      UPDATE OrganizationBase
      SET MaxUploadFileSize = 67108864
      SELECT MaxUploadFileSize FROM OrganizationBase

      Original Source


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