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View FetchXML

August 6, 2016

Instead download FetchXML and view it by XML Editor, this solution help you view FetchXML on then fly in Advanced Find window

Some pictures after download and install

View FetchXML button added near the Download FetchXML button

Now create a sample query

View it by XML Editor (Visual Studio Code)

View FetchXML by click on button View FetchXML



ScriptEase for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 201x

August 1, 2016

ScriptEase allows you to edit and maintain your Microsoft Dynamics CRM JavaScripts on your local hard-drive and ScriptEase automatically synchronizes all the changes with CRM.

In comparison to other JavaScript tools SciptEase is more or less a “synchronization service” that runs in the background. ScriptEase observes a folder (incl subfolders) and synchronizes script file changes with a CRM organization.

Work with Visual Studio, edit and save your file …
one second later, your WebResources in CRM are up-to-date!

There’s no need to update or publish scripts anymore. And if a local file is not in sync with your CRM Organization (TFS and CRM are out of sync!) … ScriptEase will let you know:

With this basic idea, the rest comes for free:

  • TFS (Source Control integration)
  • Support for XRMPageTemplate, etc.
  • Suport for the SDK best practices (script naming conventions)
  • Support for multiple developers working on the same CRM Organizatin / Solution