Free SharePoint Health Monitor Tool

Free SharePoint Monitoring Tool

The SharePoint server are widely used to manage and share essential documents, business critical information across organization and it is accessed by many users in an organization. So it becomes important that the server should be always reachable to share, update, edit contents. Therefore, it is highly imperative that you monitor and manage the SharePoint server environment continuously.

The ManageEngine “Free SharePoint Health Monitor” tool will address this requirement. The “Free SharePoint Health Monitor” tool monitors the important parameters of SharePoint environments such as SharePoint Site, IIS server, MSSQL server and Host server. The light weight tool fetches the data about the SharePoint environment and present them as visually elegant graphs and report.

The Free SharePoint Health Monitor is a real-time performance monitor tool and it can monitor the SharePoint server from remote location. The best part is that the tool is made available, absolutely FREE of cost.

Key Benefits

Free SharePoint Health Monitor tool provides a exclusive monitoring of SharePoint 2010 Server and SharePoint 2007 Server. The tool shows the actual number of Current Connection and Maximum Connections of the SharePoint web server. Using the tool, the administrator can view the IIS parameters such as version, IIS state, Service type and Web directories path. Tool monitors SharePoint services, MSSQL parameters such as Free Pages, Page Reads, Page Writes, SQL Cache memory and Buffer Cache Hit Ratio and more.

The tool shows the actual resource utilization of the windows servers like CPU utilization, memory utilization and disk utilization as elegant graphs. Using the tool, administrator can set the threshold values for CPU, Disk and Memory utilization, like critical and warning thresholds. Whenever, the server crosses the threshold limits corresponding alerts are shown.

The free tool serves as a smart desktop tool , gives out-of-box monitoring solution for SharePoint environment and helps administrator to monitor sharepoint environment effortlessly.

Features of ManageEngine SharePoint Health Monitor Tool:

Monitors SharePoint 2010 Server
Monitors SharePoint 2007 Server
Monitors IIS Server and Web Directories
Monitors MS SQL Servers Environment
SharePoint Service running state
SharePoint Site Response Details
Real-time monitoring tool



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